19 thoughts on “MONTEITH BARRACKS

  1. 1SG Rafus Smith Delta Company. 1980-1988. It was 4th SB and then went to the 123rd.

  2. I served with the 47th Med Bn ’78-81. I knew and admired Cpt House and other DisCom Hq personnel. Learned a lot from LTCs Carter, Brand & Billingsley, my 3 cdrs during that time. Our AGI by 1AD and winter REFORGER are enduring memories as are winter ARTEPS in lil’ Switzerland area- trench warfare setting in snow!

  3. I was stationed at Montieth Barracks from Feb, 61 to Jan, 64, first with B Btry 14th AFA then with B Co 126th Ordnance Bn, which became E Co 126th Maintenance Bn under ROAD Reorganization of Army Divisions.
    I visited Montieth several times between 2004 and 2006, while I was stationed at Warner Kaserne in Bamberg as a Department of the Civilian. It was sad to see it slowly falling apart. The golf course is still there and some buildings have been converted to German businesses.
    Good times we’re had in Furth and Nurnburg.

  4. I was stationed at Montieh barracks from 1984 June to June 1992 I was assigned to inspection section with Sgt Hensley Sgt Thorne and Spc 4 Eldreht and I don’t recall the name of our company commander any one that remembers his I was Berinyi if I’m correcty any info it would be appreciated thanks bye

  5. I wasthere. From1972to1975. 501st. S&t b co. Drove a deuceandahalf. Met lifelong friends. Mike peace.

  6. I was in the 123rd Maintenance Battalion FAAR Radar Repairman. Retirement Nov 2010
    Are there any soldiers out there from the good old days 90 thru 95

  7. I was with C Co. 47 SBn (Medical Support Company)from May 85 to December 88. Loved my time at Montieth and spent many evenings at the “Ranch” traveling to Nuremburg.

  8. I live across the street on 266 Vacher Strasse, my step dad Sgt John R Thompson was stationed at Monteith Barracks from 1966-1969

  9. I was there from December 19, 1980, the day before my 20th birthday to September 30, 1981. Had good friends like Cheryl J. Jordan, Sgt. Spears, Dennis Goolsby, et.al. Loved the sheep on base and the jack rabbits in the motor pool. I will never forget the Germans thinking I was a native because of my Scandinavian heritage. Miss the milk machines.

    1. I was with the 500 first combat aviation battalion station in Monteith the same time you were what battalion were you in

  10. Stationed at Monteith Barracks from 1970 to 1972. Headquarters, 123rd Maint. Bn. Worked in the Material Section for awhile and then became company clerk and issued all the passes for the Officers and Enlisted personnel. Had lots of friends 🙂

    My wife and I lived off base in an apartment that we rented from a German Family.

    Do any of you guys remember
    Major James A. Hart
    Col. Lampe
    Sgt. Hourany
    Sgt. VanTassel

  11. Monteith memories can not be replaced by anything over time. a great group of people and looking back I leaned a lot about leadership. Had a really good friend their in Mike Collins and Capt House. My time with 1st AD Discom was a total new road from my time with the 92nd Combat Eng. Art Velez ’78-80.

  12. So sad to see all these military facilities close. I was stationed at Badnerhof Kaserne in Heilbronn, Germany in 1968-70. The entire post was bulldozed down after giving it back to the Germans in 1992. Today, there is an elementary school there and a lot of small shops and some houses. Our military “memories” and history are being totally erased as the years go by. Every American soldier should have the opportunity of serving in Germany like we did and experience the wonderful German culture.

  13. I was there 08/1959 till 04/1962 when there was a cavalry unit there and I was a member of the 14th field artillery battalion (105 mm totes), 4th armored division. Our training areas were Grafenvoehr and Vilseck. Lots of good memories there.
    Glen H. Greenwell RA19630817

    1. Old Ironsides, the medical Battalion (can’t think of the name at the moment).

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