1. Was there with the family from 71-73. Loved that city and people, and I served with a wild bunch of folks. Both of my sons were born there.

  2. I was station the from February 73 to September 74 met my first love there still think about her good memories

    1. Hi Michael. I was there February 1973 to August 1975. 42nd Maintenance Co. Jack Olsen

  3. When were you there. I’m not a vet but a dependent who has happy memories from being in Germany, MANY MANY years ago. I think you took some pics of family housing, 3 story apt with dormers. I used to roller skate in the attic, with the dormers.

  4. I was never stationed at Darby but was on the kaserne many times. It had the main PX with all the dealerships. Main Commissary and the likes. It was about 7 or 8 miles from where I was stationed.

    1. I was there in 73 to 76. Love it. Wish they had published a album of us.

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