15 thoughts on “WILLIAM O. DARBY KASERNE

  1. I was stationed at Darby Kaserne from 1975 to 1978. Assigned to 240th Supply & Service Company. I was single and lived in the company barracks. We use to go to Mike’s guesthouse a block away. Drank lots of beer and always good times. Use to take the street car to Nuremberg. Fond memories!

  2. Stationed at WOD mid 1984-85 with 194th FA The pictures on this site seem very different from the look while I was there. Great location to be stationed. grezt time there.

    1. Was there from at work in November 1983 to may 1985 with Alfa battery 8inch 1st of the 94th F.A

    2. I was there 83-84 194th FA Battalion Maintenance. I agree with you Breck.

  3. I was stationed at W.O Darby Kassern f4om 5-77-2-79 With the 793rd MP Battalion, I lived in the barracks on 3rd Floor, outside my window was the entry Gate off of the Strauss, Rite below our floor was all the MP Women on 2nd Floor & just below was Captain Evans She was a very Good Commander,I believe the Co.Clerk was a Spc 5 Kevitz He was a good clerk, I and 4 of the best friends were The Mechanics who kept all the MP Jeeps, 2-1/2 ton vehicles and also done some of the POV’smy Buddies were*Sank Tunney Conn.,John Hood Witcha Ks.Mark Twigg from MD.close to where I lived back in the world.another was Michael PAWALSKI from Boston,Also served with Joe Franz Big MP.Buddy I met up with at 615MP.at APG.MD.,Good Time’s for me all of 17-18-19 year’s old..If any You guts are looking at this Please Contact me Norman GALLIER are gmail.com.***Any Old Pictures***

  4. Was there with the family from 71-73. Loved that city and people, and I served with a wild bunch of folks. Both of my sons were born there.

  5. I was station the from February 73 to September 74 met my first love there still think about her good memories

    1. Hi Michael. I was there February 1973 to August 1975. 42nd Maintenance Co. Jack Olsen

      1. What section did you work in? I was there from 1974-76 and worked in the shop office area. Then I went to work at the Cannibilization site at Johnson Barracks.

    2. I was there at the exact same time..127th AG, between Signal Corps and CID.
      GREAT memories.

  6. When were you there. I’m not a vet but a dependent who has happy memories from being in Germany, MANY MANY years ago. I think you took some pics of family housing, 3 story apt with dormers. I used to roller skate in the attic, with the dormers.

  7. I was never stationed at Darby but was on the kaserne many times. It had the main PX with all the dealerships. Main Commissary and the likes. It was about 7 or 8 miles from where I was stationed.

    1. I was there in 73 to 76. Love it. Wish they had published a album of us.

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