The buildings that would be named Johnson Barracks were taken by the US Army in May of 1945 and named in memory of Pvt Eldon H. Johnson, a member of the 15th Infantry, 3rd Infantry Division.   Pvt Johnson was killed in action June 1944 near Valmontone, Italy.

From 1970 until 1992 The 16th Engineer Battalion occupied Johnson Barracks, at which time the unit moved to Bamberg and like all the rest of the military kasernes in the Nürnberg Area the buildings were given back to the German Government.

Nothing is left of the former Johnson Barracks.  The buildings are no longer there.   The only thing that remains is one warehouse.  The place that used to be Johnson Barracks is now filled with car lots, and other businesses.

This part of the website is being built to provide  former and present military personnel and their dependents that were once stationed at Johnson Barracks a place to get in contact with each other, their German friends and share their comments and  photos.   Fürth residents and the people of the surrounding area are welcome also.

“Johnson Barracks may be gone, but we can keep it alive with our stories, photos and by sharing our memories”




13 thoughts on “JOHNSON BARRACKS

  1. I was stationed there in ‘68 and ‘69 when we were the 24th Combat Engineering battalion, 4th Armored division.

    Great memories … ‘tho Grafonver (sp?) was interesting when the Russians went into Prague in August ‘68. We were all busy.

    Jim Erickson

  2. I was in the 16th, 1st ACo, then CCo after I made E-4. From Oct 76 to Nov 79, JB was home. Met a lot of great guys and have many good memories.
    SP4 Seamen and myself built the Castle just inside the gate, in front of the building that hosted the Laundry turn-in, Snack Bar, Movie theater and the in-door Recreation. This is where I met my current wife of 42 years in Dec 1976. Sorry to see it has been torn down. Glad not to have to go to Reforger or Guard duty @ Hoff anymore!

  3. was station there 1959 to 1961 it was a old Germen artillery base before we took it over down the rd. from the base was under ground bunkers were they kept ammo & shells

  4. I was at the Johnson Barracks from 7/1971 – 8/1972. I also went to barracks in Ansbach for awhile to do some parking lot and other repairs with my Payloader bucket loader. Don’t remember alot my time their or people I served with. I have pictures I up loaded to the Johnson Barracks web site.

  5. I was stationed at Johnson Barracks from 1978-1980 with the 42d Medical Company(Amb). Any one know what became of the 42d? Any know what became of Mike Spears, chuck elder, terry wesley, Denise O’Bryan to name a few. Great Time in Nuremberg!!!!

  6. The 16th started at JB in late summer of 71. prior to that it was 24 Engrs 4 AD.

  7. Lots of great memories of the 16th engineer battalion. I remember when we would go to the PX and someone would say hi my wife would as “who is that “? I’d say I don’t know, they must be in the unit. As one of 26 cooks in a 1000 man battalion everyone knows the cooks but there’s no way you could know everyone in the battalion….lol

  8. You’re seeing the engineer brigade moved in 1992 to Bamberg. I was stationed there in 1991 where we took over the barracks for the engineers because they moved prior to 1992. It’s been many years ago and I did 21 years in the army I can’t remember the unit without looking at my military records but it was a quartermaster unit

  9. From looking at page 9 of Johnson Barracks things sure have changed. All the GI’s that were stationed there sure remember a different Johnson Barracks. The place is totally different. Not a thing is the same as it was.

    If you were to go by there today, you wouldn’t know where you were at.

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