3 thoughts on “JOHNSON BARRACKS

  1. Lots of great memories of the 16th engineer battalion. I remember when we would go to the PX and someone would say hi my wife would as “who is that “? I’d say I don’t know, they must be in the unit. As one of 26 cooks in a 1000 man battalion everyone knows the cooks but there’s no way you could know everyone in the battalion….lol

  2. You’re seeing the engineer brigade moved in 1992 to Bamberg. I was stationed there in 1991 where we took over the barracks for the engineers because they moved prior to 1992. It’s been many years ago and I did 21 years in the army I can’t remember the unit without looking at my military records but it was a quartermaster unit

  3. From looking at page 9 of Johnson Barracks things sure have changed. All the GI’s that were stationed there sure remember a different Johnson Barracks. The place is totally different. Not a thing is the same as it was.

    If you were to go by there today, you wouldn’t know where you were at.

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