26 thoughts on “HERZO BASE

  1. I was stationed @ Herzo from 1984-86 assigned to 3/37 FA, SVC Battery. I worked at the battalion S-4.

  2. I was stationed at Herzo Base from Dec 78 to Aug 81. I was a member of A Btry, 2nd Bat, 377 Field Arty. I served as a Lance Missile Specialist. I also had the pleasure of serving as Assistance Manager of the Golf Course there on the Base. I remember a few of my fellow soldiers Harold Hughley, Kerry Damron, Gary Bray, William Johnson, Willie Powell, Capt Erlinger, SFC Dobbins and others just to name a few. That was 3 of the best years of my life and would love to see the old place again!!

  3. I was stationed here from May 82- to May 84. Was part of the 156 Maintenance detachment. Yea we were the guys that went around with dirty boots and un military rooms.

  4. I was stationed at Herzl sept 73 to feb 74 1/33 Honest John Rocket Bat. Had a lot of great friends, and drank a lot of beer.

  5. I was atationed there Dec 52 to Sep 53 (FS 8606AAU)
    Cyrpto Tech. Sargent Matheny and Lt Arnold incommad of DF section.

  6. I was there at the end, from Dec 1991 to Mar 91 I was at the decommissioning ceremony and peeled the paint off the deuce and a half and other equipment. I was the last of the 13N’s sent for retraining, a fresh from school soldier on his first assignment but I will always remember

  7. Charles Mercier
    I was stationed at Herzo Base from 10/1960 to 7/1962
    I was an 058 with the 182nd and the 183rd USASA OPNS COS.

  8. I was born in 1970 when my father was stationed here (January 1968-late 1970/early 1971). Nuremberg Hospital is gone, and housing has replaced it. Housing is being built where this base was, and I don’t know about where my parents lived off post. My father is now deceased, and my sister has asked about the time my parents and I spent here and that part of my father’s life, but there is little we have found.

    1. Sorry, I remember an AL Smith from California. He was living off base with a German girl named Maria.

  9. My Dad was in the Army off and on at Herzo base from November 1952 to March 1955. He supplied parts from that location. He was also in Manheim/ Kafertal. My family is visiting Nuremburg in Dec. My Dad’s name is Franklin Martin.

  10. I was a 13N and was stationed at Herzo Base from Oct 1981-Sep 1983. I remember the old haunted barracks, you could sometimes hear the Natzis soldiers marching if you were in the basement at night. My family later lived in family housing down the road at the edge of town Herzogenaurach. Also lived in Niedendorf for a while.

    1. Was stationed at herzo from 81 to 86. Served in Service Btry 2/377th Lance. In the A&T PLT. Worked with the best people I’ve known. Had great times on and off duty. Left herzo in 86. Got ITT to 8th USAFAD in Holland.

      1. My name was Irene White ..admin clerk ..I was station at Herzo Base 1980 to 1983 met and married my husband David Scott.

    2. I remember your name but can’t place your face Charlie. I’m Johnnie Moreno and I left Herzo in 1985. I was the CIF Sgt. out of Svc Battery 2/377 FA

      1. Do you remember PBS David Carl Scott..? Trying to located a lot of his friends .

  11. Sgt Charlie Gragam was at HERZO from November 1972 till Feburary 1976 in the 1/33 and then went to the 2/377

  12. My dad, Ernest Childers, was stationed here. I think. I would love to hear from anyone who might know him.

  13. Herzo Base. A place where my Mother was stationed. Sgt. Davis. We had a beautiful time there. I stayed in Germany until 2002, when I returned to the US. I actually graduated from Nuernberg High in 1988. But right now I am looking for a dear friend of mine, Ladonte Kornegay. The last I heard of him was he was living in The Netherlands, Amsterdam, and this was back in 1992-93. We became best friends, and I miss him dearly. If anyone should happen to know of him, I would appreciate any information. My life has changed so much and I’d love find him again. Sincerely, Yvonne

  14. Thought i had signed this guestbook but did not see the posting so here i go again.Okay i was with the herzo base dispensary from june 1962 to february 1963.Any one else out there at herzo about that time.Dont remember much about you asa guys except one named kraft he was a guard and worked at the Em club as a bartender.He use to play the slots while working and when he won if i was there he would get me to sign for it and buy me a drink.He wasnt suppose to be playing while working.Maybe some of you might remember the german civilians we had working for us.Like the secretary,nurse,lab tech,and driver.the docs were cpt teghtmeyer and dr wanyura. I had some great times at herzo it was a great place as far as i was concerned.Before that i was in Nurnberg at the 20th station hospital for 18 months.Plan on going back next summer.Well just wanted to say howdy and hope you asa guys dont mind and old medic horning in.

    1. Charles, I was there during ’61 to ’63 in the 182nd as a 286 Intercept equip repair. I mustered out at the gate for a six-month stay in Europe. Not a bad assignment

  15. Was stationed at Ferris Barracks in Erlangen but worked at the Rod & Gun Club at Herzo Base in the mid 70’s. Shot a lot of skeet. Also played a lot of golf on their 9 hole course.

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