Schwäbisch Gmünd

From 1963 to November 1968, the United States Army’s 56th Field Artillery Group, equipped with Pershing missiles, was headquartered at the Hardt Kaserne along with A and D batteries of the 4th Battalion, 41st Artillery. Headquarters & Headquarters Battery then moved down the hill to the Bismarck Kaserne in November 1968. Family housing and the commissary were across the street from the Hardt Kaserne and overlooked a hill above Bismarck Kaserne.

Schwäbisch Gmünd

Schwäbisch Gmünd is situated within the northern foothills of the Swabian Jura Mountains on the Rems river, about 50 kilometres (31 miles) east of the state capital Stuttgart. It marks the place where the Josefsbach (Waldstetter-bach) meets the River Rems. The municipal area comprises the localities (Ortschaften) of Bargau, Bettringen, Degenfeld, Großdeinbach, Herlikofen, Hussenhofen, Lindach, Rechberg, Rehnenhof-Wetzgau, Straßdorf, and Weiler.

8 thoughts on “BISMARCK KASERNE

  1. I was station at Bismarck from October, 1962 until February, 1965. On arrival in 1962 it was a 155SP and 8 inch SP unit with the 56th FA Battlion, at that time they were the old open top 155 (A,B,C batteries) and M88 enclosed 8 inch (D battery)

    In early 1963, the unit received the M109 and M110. At the same time it was redesignated as the 1st Battlion 94th Field Artillary. I was in D Battery, SW Section for most of my tour.

    The Pershings were at Hardt Kaserne until at least 1966 or later.

  2. I was there from 1975-1977 with D Battery 1st Battalion 41st Field Artillery

  3. I was stationed at Bismarck Kaserne with the 38th Signal Battalion from June 1986 to May 1991 when the 56th FA Brigade was deactivated.

  4. I was at Bismarck Kaserne 94th artillery C Battery from 1963 to 1965

    1. I was station at Bismarck Kaserne with HHB 5th Bn 73rd Arty during the end of 67 and the
      begining 1968.

        1. I WAS THERE march 1963 1STBattalion 94th Artillery in honest john missal A Battery Battery Commander Driver

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