One thought on “THE VIETNAM WALL


    Does anybody know this Soldier? His name is Robert Jackson, white men, ca. 1,80 cm, 80 Kg, he was born in Atlanta USA he dad grew hair and in the age of 18 he was stationd in the US Army near Trier. He had an education in a US Army school, he had no parents only a small son. I had seen him at last in Frankfurt 2019 at a party in the Kameha Suite by the Hootchie gootchie club. IF someone know him or had any information for me where he is, please contact me urgently? It is very important for me. Please show his Foto anybody of personal stuff people in the army in Rammstein-Miesenbach by Kaiserslautern, office job or in the Air Base?

    Thank you for Helpness.


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